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Are SEO Services Worth the Investment?

Statistics say search engine giant, Google, receives over 63,000 searches per second, daily.

The need to beat this high competition and remain visible to millions of potential customers brings SEO services to mind.

What are SEO services?

Simply put, SEO — short for search engine optimization — refers to the range of procedures and techniques employed to boost a website’s visibility for the search engines.

In other terms, SEO services include a list of methods a website owner introduces to increase the traffic of his/her website from search engines or making them friendly to the search engines. Among others, link building and page optimization are two critical aspects of SEO.

What are the benefits of SEO services to my business?

SEO inarguably ranks among the key components of internet marketing. Statistics say 75% of searchers do not go beyond the first page of the search results.

Google — for example — processes billion searches daily. And, of course, most searchers - hardly ever look past the first page.

So, if you’re not on the front page, you may never get noticed. Summarily, excellent SEO services will:

- Serve as a key lead source

-Guarantee higher conversion rates

- Direct your online traffic to your offline store

- Increase customers’ confidence in your product

- Create and promote brand awareness

- Promote your site’s mobile-friendliness

- Increase your products’ market share

- Increase your social media followers

- Improve your website’s load time.

- Keep you above competitors.

Why SEO Services Are Not A Cost But An Investment.

Countless website owners — in a bid to ‘save cost’ — tend to disregard the need for a professional SEO service provider. Some others are too engraved in their businesses that they hardly have time to think SEO – ignorance, indeed.

If done right, you'd wish you started earlier than you did. When it comes to SEO, time is of utmost importance.

How Much Do SEO service company Atlanta, GA Cost?

It depends – on your provider as well as your SEO needs.

A professional SEO service company Atlanta, GA, may run a local campaign for $500, averagely. International or national campaigns costs between $2,500 to $6,000, monthly.

In fact, some local SEO services Atlanta offer no-contract “trial packages” at relatively lowers rate. You can take advantage of such offers to test-run their services and curb associated risks.

Whether or not this investment is worthwhile is peculiar to individual business goals, customers’ lifetime value, as well as your overall marketing budget.

Anyways, if hiring a local SEO service provider will blow your budget, you could try some other low-cost alternatives. Here, a one-time SEO audit may come handy.

Interestingly, this one-time fixing often results in an impressive rise in organic traffic. Besides, keyword analysis and content development are other critical aspects to seek a one-time fix from providers at fixed rates.

For small one-person stores, you may want to sign up for some training and run a DIY afterward.

Summarily, a study reports that 81% of respondents claim their SEO campaigns have produced a below-average result.

Wrap Up

SEO forms an integral part of any effective marketing strategy. Hence, SEO services offer a whole lot of benefits – arguably more than most digital marketing techniques.

Interestingly there is a long list of trustworthy and professional local SEO services in Atlanta that can handle all your websites’ optimization needs.

With the increasing online presence awareness, companies without robust SEO strategies are fast drowning in the sea of competition. To keep afloat, think SEO.



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